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Objectives of this site

We are happy to refer you to other medical 'collectors' if we do not collect or need the pre-1900 medical items you may wish to sell or discuss.  Please see:  'Seller's Services'

A partial list of items we want to buy for our collections: ( please see photo examples below)

Pre-1900 surgical sets in wood cases or wrapped in leather cases

Pre-1900 medical or dental catalogs featuring instruments sold by pre-1900 instrument makers

Pre-1900 binaural stethoscopes, especially those with silk wrapped tubing and ebony or ivory ear pieces

Leech jars, blood letting devices, also books or images related to bloodletting or leeches

Non-metallic handled individual instruments with ivory, mother-of-pearl inlay, ebony, bone, or other non-metal handles

Pre-1900  wood cased, medical and dental items with non-metallic handles like the photos below or any place on this Web site

A set of eight books by Marc Jean Bougery, "Traite Complete de l'Anatomie de l'Homme, Comprenant la Medecine Operatoire," Paris, 1831-1854, 8 vols. 

div.gif (2403 bytes)

Please note: our prices depend on condition, completeness, correct instruments, rarity, and desirability.   Since we are collectors and not dealers, we are going to offer you more because we are not going to resell your set.

WANTED: Large Surgery Sets

Main interest: Amputation or surgical sets in wood boxes with velvet-like or chamois lining.  The handles will be non-metal, and most likely made of ebony, cross-checked hard rubber, or ivory. 

The cases often have brass corners and are inlayed on the top with a name plate.  Most will contain a saw and various knives.

Large multi-level sets like this one, which are complete may be worth $2,000 to $7,000 or more depending on condition and completeness.  Quotes gladly given.  How will you know unless you ask us?

tiemann12.JPG (67622 bytes)tiemann10.JPG (24495 bytes)
WANTED: Obstetrical Instrument Sets

Obstetrical delivery  sets in leather or wood case, but with non-metal handles. 

Paying $2,000 to $3,000 and up for large complete ob sets in wood cases.

ob2.jpg (29407 bytes)

obcase2.jpg (54345 bytes)

WANTED:  Amputation Sets in Cases

Complete medical, dental, drug, or surgical sets in the case or box.  Especially Mahogany or fruit wood boxed instruments cases which are lined with velvet or chamois.  Note the case is reinforced with brass corners.

Paying $1,000 to $3,000 and up for smaller complete amputation sets like this.

ksdamp.jpg (64368 bytes)ksdtop.jpg (48490 bytes)
WANTED: Resection Surgical Set

Surgical set specifically for bone surgery by Tiemann or Gemrig.

Paying $5,000 and up for this type of set by any maker.

See additional photos

WANTED: Neurosurgery Sets

Neurosurgical kits with "Trephine" and other "brace and bit" type instruments in velvet or chamois lined cases.

Paying $3,000 to $5,000 and up for this large type of set.  Smaller cased sets bring less, but still in the thousands.

kneuro1.jpg (23311 bytes)kneuro2.jpg (37392 bytes)
WANTED: Dental instruments in cases

Dental instruments with ivory handles, inlayed with mother-of-pearl, agate, or a fancy handles.  Dental instruments in cases or complete sets. 

Paying $2,000 and up for full cased dental sets with ivory handles.

Also looking to purchase sets or individual dental extraction forceps like those in the drawing to the right.  Paying top dollar.   Let us know what you have available. 

dpack3.jpg (29092 bytes)
WANTED: Early Stethoscopes

Early stethoscopes with ebony or ivory ear pieces, and cloth or silk covered tubing.

Paying $500 and up for early pre-1900 excellent condition stethoscopes like these with silk wrapped tubing and non-metallic bells.

m2bistet.jpg (26007 bytes)

Any excellent condition individual instruments made and marked: Tiemann, G. Tiemann, Geo. Tiemann. or other manufactures such as listed below:  (We are always looking for parts to back-fill existing sets with missing parts.)

George Tiemann

Hermann Hernstein

Ferdinand G. Otto

John Reynders

Jacob H. Gemrig

Horatio G. Kern

George P. and Henry C. Snowden

Dietrich W. Kolbe

Louis V. Helmold


Martin Kuemerl

Charles Lentz

Frederick c. Leypoldt

Jacob J. Teufel

Augustus Wirz

Wiegand and Snowden

Codman and Shurtleff

William Z. Rees

W.  Ford

Max Wocher & Son

Basically we're looking for  fancy or complicated surgical instruments with ivory, ebony, gutta percha, bone, or other non-metallic handles.

We especially need pre-1900 catalogs featuring medical, bleeder, surgical, or dental  instruments for research

Items specifically wanted by Doug Arbittier:

Cased cupping sets with glass horn or metal cups 

Paying  $500 and up for nice sets

da28.jpg (67460 bytes)
Bleeding bowls.  Paying $500 to $2,000. da31.jpg (59798 bytes)
Lancet cases made of silver, gold, shagreen (fishskin), ebony, ivory, leather, horn, tortoise, etc.  These hold lancets with mother of pearl, tortoise, or wooden covers.  Paying $200 to thousands for rare cases. da5.jpg (24695 bytes)
Rare fleams, scarificators, spring lancets or unusual form.  Paying $100 for common examples to over $1,000 for rare pieces. da13.jpg (11017 bytes)
Porcelain leech jars.  Paying $2,000 to $6,000 for rare jars with white, green, red or yellow gilded letters.  Also wanted, books or images related to bloodletting or leeches da34.jpg (29705 bytes)
Fine and unusual tourniquets. Paying hundreds for fine pieces. tournqt2.jpg (51585 bytes)

Please note, we do not collect and cannot answer questions on of the following:

  • Any type of furniture, chairs, large cabinets, or anything that even looks like furniture
  • No dental chairs, no medical tables, nothing like this.
  • medical or dental "related " items like books or office furnishings
  • quackery of any age or type.  No electrical devices at all.
  • post 1900  medical miscellaneous odds and ends or chrome instruments
  • post 1900 medical instruments with metal handles
  • any type of drug or apothecary sets not in a wood case

If you have items "like those on this site" which you wish sell, please e-mail Dr. Arbittier at the e-mail address below.   Or, send photos to the office address listed below.

If you wish to mail photos to our professional offices, with guaranteed return of those photos, please e-mail Dr. Arbittier first.


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