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 Samuel Hanbury Smith, M.D.

Faculty Starling Medical College lecture cards

SMITH, SAMUEL HANBURY, New York, was born at Willenhall, Staffordshire, England, Feb. 15th, 1810. In 1831, after at hree years' course, lie was graduated M. D. from University coll., London, taking honors in class of nature and treatment of disease; during the ensuing summer and fall was a student at Angers, France, under Billard, and shortly thereafter established himself in Stockholm, where in 1S34, at the request of the renowned Prof. Berzelius, lie accepted the position of senior phys. to the Cholera hosp. during the great epidemic which afflicted that city dining that year. While residing in Stockholm he was a student in the Royal med. and chirurg. institute, and from that institution received in 1S40 the degree of chirurgio magislcr. When he determined to emigrate to the United States in 1847, m addition to being unanimously elected a fellow of the Swedish med. soc, of which he had been an active working member for several years, he was presented with a certificate of his graduation as master of surgery from the Royal medico-chirurg. institute of Stockholm, and of his membership in the Royal coll. of health. This certificate, which was signed by every member of the faculty of the institute, highly recommended him to the profession as a man, a scholar and a doctor. Some idea of the estimation in which he was held by the profession in Stockholm may be formed from the fact that Prof. Berzelius arose from a sick-bed to come down to the steamer to bid him farewell; while Prof. Retzius, as long as he lived, maintained an active correspondence with him, and published extracts from Dr. Smith's letters in Hygica, the organ of the med. soc. in Sweden.

After arriving in the United States he practiced successively at Cincinnati, Columbus and Hamilton, Ohio, finally establishing himself in 1859 in New York. During the past fifteen years he has been mainly occupied with the treatment of chronic disease with mineral waters. He is a fellow of the Swedish med. soc.; member of the Ohio State med. soc.; of the New York co. med. soc.; of the Medical Journal asso.; of the acad. of med.; of the acad. of natural sciences; of the public health asso.; of the Am. public health assoc.; of the Am. med. asso., etc. He edited, rewriting much and supplying missing chapters, the second (posthumous) volume of "Drake's Diseases of the Interior Valley of North America," contributed to the New York Medical Times ten papers upon " Mineral Waters," and to the Transactions of the Swcdi-h med soc. an essay (in the Swedish language) upon " Laryngismus Stridulus in Hygila." In 1849 he served as health officer of Cincinnati ; was for some years prof, of the theory and practice of medicine in Starling mcil. coll., and in 1850-51-52 was superintendent of the Ohio State lunatic asylum. He married (1) June 8th, 1840, Emilie Berg, of Stockholm; and (2) March 30th, 1S70, A. E. Victoria Starr, of New York.


(The personal edited research notes of Michael Echols, the source of which may or may not be completely documented)

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