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Civil War Tiemann pocket surgical kit of Dr. John Coover

A Civil War pocket surgical kit made by George Tiemann, New York.  This kit belonged to Civil War assistant surgeon, John B. Coover, M. D. who was killed during the Civil War.  The importance of this kit is that is provides a 'dated'  example of the type of pocket kit to be expect to have been carried by a Civil  War surgeon.  The instruments are marked Tiemann as well. (Photos and text provided by Coover relative and current owner of this kit: Fred Scott) 

The following is a letter about Dr. Coover upon his death:

"Again it is our duty to record the death of another victim to this wicked rebellion; and for none of them was it with more sincere sorrow that that (sic) with which we record the death of our friend, Dr. John B. Coover, surgeon of the 6th Pa. cavalry.  Dr. C had been for some time acting medical Inspector of the cavalry division of Sheridan's army, but at the time of his death was on his way from Winchester to Harper's Ferry, to resign his position in the regiment to accept a higher one on General Torbett's staff.   When with four miles of Harper's Ferry on Monday evening, about 4 o'clock, the part with which he was traveling, numbering about twenty, was attacked by a party  of guerrillas who spring (sic) from the bushes and fired a volley into the party.  The only one struck was Dr. C., who was pierced by a ball in the abdomen.  His horse ran with him to Harper's Ferry - he having sufficient strength to retain his seat.  Arriving there he received the kindest attention but all was of no avail, and on Tuesday night at twelve,  he expired.









Dr. C stood deservedly high in the estimation of the military as well as the medical authorities, and at the time of his death was recommended for a higher position in the medical department of this State.  Here, where his many virtues were known and appreciated by numbers, his death is mourned with genuine sorrow.  Thus was cut down in the prime of life another patriot, and ended forever the hopes which animated as true a breast as was ever covered by the Union blue.  And we may add, another life lost to be accounted for with the thousand already sacrificed, by the fiends in human shape who are striving to overthrow the Union.
The funeral will take place form the residence of his parents, about three miles from this place , on Monday next.  ------the memory   , and the turf above------------- ever green."




Most likely Tiemann logo during the Civil War

Note the 63 address


Most likely Civil War logo from 1864 to 1866 

Note the 67 address


The above maker labels are to illustrate the " G. Tiemann & Co " font and layout as seen on this pocket kit, neither label is on this pocket kit.  Note the Tiemann name imprinted on the flap of the kit below.

Army specified contents of a pocket case during the Civil War

Source:  "The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion. (1861-65.)  Part III, Volume II, Chapter XIV.--The Medical Staff and Materia Chirugica"

"The Pocket Case contained: 1 scalpel, 3 bistouries, 1 tenotome, 1 gum lancet, 2 thumb lancets, 1 razor (small), 1 artery forceps, 1 dressing forceps, 1 artery needle, 6 surgeon's needles, 1 exploring needle, 1 tenaculum, 1 scissors, 1 director, 3 probes, 1 caustic holder, 1 silver catheter (compound), 6 yards suture wire (iron), oz. ligature silk, 1/8 oz. wax, 1 Russia leather case."

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