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 John Henry Jackson, M.D.

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Name: John Henry Jackson
Cause of death: surgery, complications, appendicitis; (M)
Death date: Sep 13, 1907
Place of death: Barre, VT
Birth date: 1844
Type of practice: Allopath
Medical school(s): University of Vermont College of Medicine, Burlington, 1865, (G)
Professorship: University of Vermont College of Medicine, Burlington, 1882, physiology
Journal of the American Medical Association Citation: 49:1132

Dr. John Henry Jackson, son of Horatio Nelson Jackson, was born in Brome, Canada, April 19, 1844, and died September 13, 1907. He attended the public schools and Barre Academy, and entered the medical department of the University of Vermont, from which he was graduated in 1865 with the degree of Doctor of Medicine. He took a post graduate course in 1868-69 in the medical college of McGill University of Montreal.

He practiced medicine at Stockholm, New York, 1865-68. Thence he went to Montpelier, Vermont, where he practiced for a year. He located at Barre, Vermont, in 1870, where he was in general practice to the time of his death, 1907. He was appointed Professor of Physiology in the University of Vermont, in 1882, and filled the chair for twenty-five years. From the university he received the honorary degree of Master of Arts in 1884. In 1890 he was delegate from the University of British Medical Association and also to the Medical Congress at Berlin. In politics he was a Democrat and he represented Barre in the Vermont legislature in 1878. He was Democratic candidate for governor in 1896 and was mayor of Barre in 1903. He was a director of the Barre Savings Bank and Trust Company from its incorporation until he died and was president from 1903. He was a member of the county and state medical societies (president) and of the American Medical Association. He was a thirty-third degree. Free Mason. At the time of his death he was a deacon of the Congregational church, of which he had been for many years a loyal and generous supporter.

John Henry JACKSON, M. D., the youngest son, was born in Brome, Province of Quebec, April 19, 1844. He, as his brothers, received an academic education under Dr. SPAULDING, graduating from Barre Academy in 1862 and from the Medical department of the University of Vermont in 1865, also receiving the honorary degree of Master of Arts from the latter institution in 1882. He began his professional career in Stockholm, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., in 1865. June 24, 1867, he married Anna Dutton WELLS, of Brasher Falls, N. Y., who died November 29, 1868. In 1869, December 24th, he married Cora A. Wood, and removed to Barre December 30, 1870, where he continues to reside.

Dr. JACKSON's early career in Barre was beset with more than the usual difficulties and obstacles in the way of a young physician, but by sheer force of merit he has gained the foremost position and practice of his town, together with a name for professional skill and scholarly attainments that reaches beyond the state. In these years of increasing professional duties he has, nevertheless, devoted himself to the advancement of the religious, educational, and material interests of the community. He joined the Congregational church of Brome at an early age, and became an active member of the Barre Congregational church on making this place his home. From 1873 to 1875 he was superintendent of the Sunday-school, and for many years was a member of the executive committee of the society; in this position he was largely instrumental in maturing the plans and bringing to successful completion the extensive remodeling of the church in the years 1885-87. Dr. JACKSON was elected superintendent of public schools in 1881-82. For many years he was a trustee and treasurer of Barre Academy. It was due to his untiring industry that the beautiful monument to Dr. and Mrs. SPAULDING, in Barre cemetery, was erected, through the contributions he secured from students to whom the memories of their loved teacher and friend are precious.

Dr. JACKSON was elected representative to the Vermont legislature in 1878-79, and has always maintained a lively interest in the prosperity of the town. It was due to his personal oversight and watchfulness that the bills granting the village charter and incorporating the Barre water works passed the legislature of 1886. He was elected the first bailiff of the village under the charter, but was compelled to decline on account of other duties, though he retains the position of president of the water works company. Among the secret and benevolent orders Dr. JACKSON is claimed as a member of the I. O. O. F., Clan Gordon of O. S. C., and is prominent in the Masonic circles of New England. He was master of Granite Lodge several years, and district deputy five years. At the annual session of the Supreme Council, S. G. I. G. N. M. J., held in Boston, Mass., September 18, 1888, "The 33d and last degree was conferred upon him in full form, and he was received, welcomed, and proclaimed S. G. I. G. of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, and enrolled as an honorary member of the Supreme Council for the Northern Masonic jurisdiction."

In 1881, as president of the Vermont State Medical society, he addressed the medical students of the University of Vermont, and the following year was elected professor of physiology in that institution. Each year has but added to the popularity which he gained through his first course of clear, scholarly, and eloquent lectures in 1882, The success attending his practice at home, together with his popularity in the medical college, where his skill and scholarship are recognized and honored, have brought him many flattering invitations to remove to larger fields, but we are glad to see in the erection of his beautiful home on South Main street, which now engages his attention, the evidence that he intends to remain in the field, where the difficulties of his life and profession have been mastered, and where his skill and learning are meeting their reward.

(The personal edited research notes of Michael Echols, the source of which may or may not be completely documented)


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