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Rudolf Virchow

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Name: Rudolf Virchow
Death date: Sep 9, 1902
Place of death: Berlin, Germany
Type of practice: Allopath
Journal of the American Medical Association Citation: 39:635,640,850,923

Cellular Pathology As Based Upon Physiological and Pathological Histology

1st U.S. edition published in 1860 by Robert M. DeWitt.  Hardcover book in embossed cloth. Measuring 9.5 x 6.5 inches. Contains 554 pages. Heavily illustrated with 144 fine engravings.

The embossed armorial  stamp on the cover signifies the book was issued to surgeons and medical staff during the Civil War.


Virchow's work was extremely important in relation to the Civil War and how medicine evolved.  Being the 'father' of cellular pathology' he advanced the understanding of the process of disease and contributed to the survival of those afflicted with diseases which were the number one reason  for death during the War.

A German pathologist, Virchow opposed the idea that disease was an affliction of the body at large or one of its humor, wanting to find the anatomical location of diseases. In Die Cellularpathologie (Cellular Pathology, 1858, English translation 1860), he set out methods and objectives of pathology and demonstrated that cell theory applied to diseased tissue as well as healthy. He summarized the cell theory with the Latin phrase "omnis cellula a cellula" (all cells arise from cells) in 1855. Joseph Javier Woodward, who wrote the landmark Civil War manual The Hospital Steward's Manual, referenced and respected the groundbreaking work of Virchow. Woodward praised Virchow in this quote, "he has contributed perhaps more than any other single the progress in which scientific medicine has achieved in recent years".

Garrison Morton 2299 - "One of the most important books in the history of medicine". and the very foundation of cellular pathology, establishing that developed tissue can be tracked back only to a cell.
From PMM 307c - Virchow was the 1st to state the now universally accepted axiom, "Where a cell originates it must have been preceded by another cell, just as animals are produced only by other animals and plants by other plants".

The U.S. Army Medical Department stamp states that this book was issued to surgeons and medical personnel during the Civil War. The National Library of Medicine states in an article by Wyndam Miles that these books were issued in limited numbers (page 5) which makes a marked book all the more rare. With disease killing twice as many men than gunshot wounds this book would have been instrumental in preventing these diseases

(The personal edited research notes of Michael Echols, the source of which may or may not be completely documented)


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