Tiemann partial set with multiple makers instruments

Makers found in the set">

Tiemann partial set with multiple makers instruments

Makers found in the set, some belong, some don't:

(Tiemann, Tiemann & Co, Kern, Wade and Ford, Reynders, Hutchinson, Hernstein)

This is a very nice set, well formed, and with plenty of heavy duty instruments, as would be found in a Civil War military set.  However the date of the label, clearly indicates it was made after 1877, when the address of Tiemann was at 107 Park Row.

First, look through the set and then we'll look at addresses for the various makers.



Case with instruments that fit, some removed that are obviously not original


All instruments which were in the case, all makers.






        c. 1830 Tiemanns (early mark) instruments were in the set, but didn't fit at all, turns out these were from an 1830's set




               Wade and Ford                             Hutchinson                               Kern                                      Reydners                     



       Wade and Ford    (original to set)                                            c. 1870? Wade and Ford  (original to set)


5 items on right are Tiemann marked and obviously original to set



H. Hernstein marked tourniquet  (original to set)






Wade and Ford curved forceps  12 in. (original to set)



Wade and Ford bullet forceps 10 in. (original to set)



Wade and Ford saw (original to set)


Trocar (original to set)


So, who made this set?    Wade and Ford or Tiemann?

(Tiemann, Tiemann & Co, Kern, Wade and Ford, Reynders, Hernstein)

'Wade and Ford' were listed as being in business from 1869 to 1871.  But, Edmonson says on page 82 that Wade and Ford ceased business right after the War.   'W.F. Ford' was by himself from 1875 to 1900.  I could find no reference to Tiemann and Ford working together.  Maybe Ford supplied parts for Tiemann or as Caswell and Hazard.  It's also possible someone like Casswell and Hazard put the parts together from all the makers.   Look at the time frames for all the makers.  They all were at the end of their businesses in most cases 1889.


George Tiemann & Co.
  • 1872-86: 67 Chatham and 107 E. 28th
  • 1886-1900: 107 Park Row


John Reynders & Co.
  • 1883-85: 303 Fourth av and 164 W. 27th
  • 1886-1900: 303 Fourth av and 314 E. 22d


Horatio G. Kern
  • 1860-70: 25 N. 6th
  • 1871-89: 21 N. 6th
  • 1890-92: 122 S. 12th surgical instruments
  • 1893: 1407 Chestnut
Wade & Ford
  • Wade and Ford cease to exist 1866, but Ford carries on under his name, but not as Wade and Ford (p.82)

    William F. Ford 1875-90: 1099 Broadway

  • W F. Ford Surgical Instrument Co. 1891-1900: 315 Fifth ave
A. L. Hernstein
  • 1881-82: 337 Fourth av and 507 First av
  • 1883-96: E. 139th cor College av